Thursday, March 5, 2009

Restaurants and Grocers are FINALLY Listening to You...

Did you know that gluten-free food products are finding their way into more and more food isles and restaurants?

Gluten-free items are leading the trend for this year's grocery innovations. This trend comes as many grocers begin to see the increase in demand for gluten-free products.

So, what does this mean for you

It means that you might not have to buy gluten-fr
ee products online and wait 7-10 days for the shipment to arrive. Soon, you will be able to go to your local grocery store and find everything that you need to cook and eat gluten-free!

In fact, U. S. Natural foods giant Hain Celestial Group Inc. recently re-launched its Arrowhead Mills line of pastas, cakes and co
okie mixes - which had always been gluten-free - with large 'gluten free' lettering on its new packaging.

In addition to grocery stores, more and more restaurants are beginning to offer gluten-free menus. Several pizza restaurants now offer thei
r signature pizzas on gluten-free rice crust! Z Pizza, which was founded near my hometown, in Laguna Beach, California, now offers gluten-free pizza in most of their stores. Z Pizza has locations throughout the United States, so if you are lucky enough to live by one, I encourage you to stop by and have a taste. This is a very new concept for Z Pizza, as they have only been serving gluten-free pizza since January '09. All of their locations should have the crust, but you might want to double check before going.

I ordered my first gluten-free pizza at Z Pizza just last week and I must say, they did not disappoint! Sure, I've been eating the frozen, rice crust pizzas all my life, but there is something about ordering a pizza in an actual restaurant that brought a smile to my face.


Chad Hines

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