Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Do You and Donald Trump Have in Common?

Ok, you're probably thinking that this is a crazy question. And if you don't own billions of dollars in real estate assets, golf courses and casinos, produce an incredibly successful reality show on NBC, or have a ridiculous comb over, then you probably don't think you have much in common with "The Don!"

So, do you have any guesses as to what you and Donald Trump might have in common?


Well, if you watched last Sunday's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, you would have seen that you have at least one thing that you have in common...

On the last episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, the celebrities were assigned the task of creating a frozen dinner that was delicious and healthy at the same time. Annie Duke, a contestant on the show, is a world-renowned poker player, who also happens to have a daughter that is allergic to wheat.

(I was able to chat with her via the magic of Twitter to find out this exclusive info. Yes, celebrities will actually respond to you on Twitter! Pretty cool...)

Anyway, Annie Duke came up with the idea to create a meal that consisted of turkey meatballs and gluten-free pasta. When Joe Kernen, from CNBC Squawk Box, asked Annie, "Who would eat gluten-free pasta?", Annie quickly responded with "the people who need gluten-free are people who have wheat allergies or celiac disease." But Joe still seemed skeptical and thought it would taste bad. To make the dish entirely gluten-free, Annie prepared the turkey meatballs with vegetables, instead of bread crumbs. Although her team was reluctant, Annie advocated for the gluten-free meal and the team ended up choosing it after tasting the three dishes Annie cooked.

During the presentation to the executives at Schwan's, Jesse James said, "the gluten-free market is one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry, as more people are developing wheat allergies or things like celiac disease." The Schwan's executive then said, "I like the innovation in it" and "gluten is hot, there is no doubt about it." Obviously, he meant gluten free, not gluten. But we'll forgive him for that little slip-up. As Annie left the board room, she said, "I told you the gluten free would work."

To make a log story short, the gluten-free dish ended up winning the competition. The executives at Schwan's absolutely loved the dish and are even selling it online and in their stores! But more importantly, it put the concept of living gluten-free into the living rooms and kitchens of almost 10 million viewers world-wide! How's that for some gluten-free advocacy!

I've been amazed by all the publicity that gluten-free foods have been getting lately. This is good news for you, as more and more food companies are beginning to see the demand in the marketplace, so that gluten-free foods are becoming more and more prevalent in your local supermarkets.

So, back to the original question, what do you and Donald Trump have in common?

Well, if nothing else, you and "The Don" both know that gluten-free foods are not only healthier, but can taste good too. And as far as Mr. Trump is concerned, that's a winning combination!

If you would like to watch the last episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, the entire episode can be viewed online. The first mention of Celiac starts around the 57:00 minute mark and lasts until roughly the 70:00 minute mark. Enjoy!

Chad Hines

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Chad Hines

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones with An Affordable and Convenient Gluten Test Kit

Have you ever been unsure if a food product is gluten-free?

Since gluten can be found in so many places that you wouldn't expect, it can often be difficult to determine whether or not a food item is completely safe. A relatively new product gives you the ability to test for even the smallest traces of gluten in your food.

The EZ Gluten® Test Kit was designed to help individuals with Celiac Sprue and gluten intolerance avoid accidental exposure to gluten in food. The kit is simple, portable, and comes with a test tube, testing solutions, and an easy-to-read testing strip.

So, just how accurate is this product?

According to testing data, the EZ Gluten® Test Kit is 100% accurate in detecting small traces of gluten in foods tested. In research terms, the test is highly specific and sensitive. It does not cause false positive or false negative readings.And do you want to know the best part?

It only takes about 10 minutes to get the results of the test back!

This product can be purchased for as low as $12.99 and is also sold in packs of two, five or ten for your convenience. I personally have not yet tested out this product, but I plan on trying it out soon. As soon as I test it out, you will be the first to hear about the experience.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Chad Hines

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Discover How to Keep the Gluten Out of Your Kitchen...

If you are one of the many gluten intolerant individuals who need to follow a "strict avoidance" diet, or if you simply want to make certain that your foods are gluten-free, there is a new product that you need to get your hands on!

What do I mean by a "strict avoidance" diet?

Some individuals with Celiac Sprue or gluten intolerance can react to even the tiniest trace of gluten. For example, if a "regular" piece of bread were cooked in a toaster, people adhering to a "strict avoidance" diet would have to meticulously clean the toaster before use.

If even the slightest bit of gluten is consumed, they can react almost instantly.

As you know, it can be very difficult to maintain a completely gluten-free household. You might have a child, spouse, parent or friend living with you who does not adhere to a gluten-free diet. Therefore, traces of gluten can be found in common cooking areas like the toaster or microwave.

Discover your solution...

Toast-It Toaster Bags are a revolutionary product that you can use in toasters, ovens and George Foreman grills. They were originally developed to keep toasters clean while making grilled cheese sandwiches, but are now being used to safely toast gluten-free breads, bagels and other products when using non-dedicated toasters.

So how does this work?

The Toast-It Toaster Bags make any toaster safe. Breads toast right through the pouch (check out the picture below) - the heat gets in, but the other crumbs and contaminants stay out!

Toast-It Bag.jpg

You can even bring these bags to restaurants, along with your gluten-free bread or bagel. Simply ask the restaurant to toast your bread or bagel in the pouch, and you are on your way to getting a delicious gluten-free sandwich or bagel in a restaurant.

These great little bags are economical too, and can be washed and reused up to 10 times!

If you would like more information on the Toast-It bag, visit

Have a great week

Chad Hines
The Gluten-Free Hero

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