Thursday, May 14, 2009

Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month with Some Brand New Flavors of Rice Chex...

If you don't already know, May is officially Celiac Awareness month. The May observance in the United States was chosen to coincide with our international colleagues. It was also done in recognition of the many other medical conditions related to celiac disease that are observed in May. Celiac disease is still relatively unknown to the world and being able to draw connections between these medical conditions and celiac disease helps to elevate its importance and enhance awareness. Some of the other May health observances include: Digestive Disease Awareness Month, Food Allergy Awareness Month and National Osteoperosis and Awareness Month.

In 'celebration' of Celiac awareness month, General Mills, the company that makes Rice Chex, has officially announced that they will be releasing several new flavors of Rice Chex, including:

- Honey-Nut Chex
- Chocolate Chex
- Cinnamon Chex
- Strawberry Chex

Although General Mills already makes these flavors of Rice Chex, they are not currently gluten-free. However, the gluten-free flavors should be available in most grocery stores as of June 1st.

This is great news, especially considering how difficult it can be to find gluten-free cereals that actually taste good! Plain ol' Rice Chex has always been one of the few gluten-free cereals that is actually tasty, so the fact that they are adding on some great new flavors is good news for all of us!

But beware, Chex still has a few flavors out there that are not gluten-free. However, the flavors that are safe will always be clearly marked as 'gluten-free' on the cereal box, so be sure to check.

Also, check out the official General Mills website for some cool (and fun) gluten-free recipes that include Rice Chex!

Chad Hines

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